Saturday, February 27, 2016

Karl was in Japan

First of all I want to thank you for your prayers, friendship and financial support.
Reflecting upon the last half year I want to let you know that I am thriving in my new life here in Canada. I bought a car the day after I got back from Japan and went on a road trip to visit my brother and his family in Grand Forks. It was great to see his children and get to know my nephews and niece better. On the road trip I continued onto Calgary to connect with friends I made in Japan as well as pick up some of my stuff that was brought to Canada for me in anticipation of my return. The following week I started my Educational Assistant certificate classes at Columbia Bible College (CBC). By the end of September I found several guys that were looking for a place to live and we found a house for a really reasonable rent in Abbotsford.
I have enjoyed my classes at CBC and am looking forward to starting my new career once my courses are finished in April. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work as an on-call education assistant at Pacific Academy in Surrey. It has been fun to work alongside other Christian teachers and students. During spring break in March I have the opportunity to assist in leading a team of grade 12 students to Chaing Mai, Thailand. I was first asked by a friend who works at Pacific Academy the first Sunday I was back at my church at that time I was still just getting my feet under me in Canada and the idea was overwhelming to me. Now I’m really looking forward to working alongside the students as they serve in a cross-cultural setting.
Every once in a while I do get into a mood of missing Japan in an unhealthy emotional way. At these times I have to remind myself of what a truthful recollection of Japan is. It involves both remembering the good things and treasuring them but also reminding myself of the difficulties that I experienced as well. They also happen less frequently than I expected compared to my return in ’07.
Thank you again for your support.

Your Brother in Christ, Karl Friesen

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